Hi there, welcome to Showcase.fm. Have a seat, put your feet up. Relax, you're among friends!

Who are you?

Showcase.fm is a place where bands & artists can quickly set up a beautiful site showcasing their music, videos, tour dates and a biography, and where booking agencies and venues can quickly get to the meat and potatoes. Kind of like the MySpace of yore, but done right.

Ok. How much will it cost me?

In short: we don't know yet. We're crunching the numbers as we speak. We will have to charge something to keep the lights (and servers) running. But I can tell you this: the price will be reasonable and on a month-to-month basis (no strings), and there will be no ads or shenanigans.


Showcase.fm is a collaborative effort by David Pino, Mark van der Waarde & Toon Toetenel.

Showcase.fm is a work in progress. We're always looking to improve the service. Got ideas? Awesome. We're open to suggestions. Let us know at info@showcase.fm.