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TIKA - For Better Or For Worse

TIKA - For Better Or For Worse

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Extra opname: Tika - For Bette...

Extra opname: Tika - For Better or for Worse - 6-9-2011

29 May 2014

Low and behold, ladies and gentlemen, the first songs for TIKA #2 have been written!

We figured it is about time for another one. We'll be working on songs in the next few months so we can start recordings with this year's first snow. In the meantime check out the first record if you haven't yet (try the audio player at the top of this page). Thanks!


No scheduled shows at the moment, sorry! That could change soon though so keep an eye on this page.




CD - In A Cabin With - 2011


At the invitation of In A Cabin With Marien Dorleijn (Moss) and David Pino (El Pino & the Volunteers) headed to La Peche, Canada. Their mission: record an album. With a little help of local bass player Julian Brown (Feist & Apostle of Hustle) and drummer/percussionist Blake Howard (GUH & Rock Plaza Central).

Far away from home and civilization, in a small cabin on a frozen lake, they braced against the 30 below winds and started laying down tracks. 

The result - TIKA - merges the very best of Marien & David. An initial collaboration which if the stars, agendas, and circumstances align, might just be up for round two.