Samira's Blues

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Samira's Blues - Tarhanin (Off...

Samira's Blues - Tarhanin (Official video)

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Samira's Blues - Sahert lgamra...

Samira's Blues - Sahert lgamra - سهرت الكمره

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Samira's Blues - Taragalte 201...

Samira's Blues - Taragalte 2019 @ 2M

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Samira's Blues - Tribute to Ta...

Samira's Blues - Tribute to Tamikrest // Fassous Tarhanet

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Samira's Blues & Tarwa N-Tinir...

Samira's Blues & Tarwa N-Tiniri - Festival Taragalte 2019 @2M


11 Apr 2022

Samira's Blues plays Cobra Museum!

Happy to announce that Samira's will play at the exhibition The Other Story – Moroccan Modernism at Cobra Museum (Amstelveen). Live stream opening will be at April 14 from 19:30 - 20:30 with inspiring guests ... and music by Samira's Blues! Also the 29th of April they will host a literary iftar. And much more to come. Happy to see you there!



Ya Baba

Digital - AudioMaze - 2018

Samira's Blues

Magnetising North African spirituals and original songs in Arabic, Tamazight and French.

Samira's Blues brings you a blend of magnetising spirituals en originals by Samira Dainan, with Arabic, Berber and African roots. Samira follows the nomadic trail of her ancestors, by living in Morocco's desert, attending ceremonies in the Atlas Mountains and the Sous and joining Gnaoua lilas in Essaouira. Back in Amsterdam she writes and composes songs for her band, together with guitarist Bas Gaakeer.