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Amber Arcades - Where Did You Go

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21 Feb 2023

Barefoot on Diamond Road is out now!

my album Barefoot on Diamond Road will have been out for just over a week! For all the time it’s been in the making, it still feels like a shock and quite unreal to have it sitting out there. Mostly it feels really, really good though. It’s as much yours now as it is mine and I can only hope some of the songs will find their way into your lives and come to mean something to you as well. The first responses have truly been heartwarming, and I feel incredibly thankful to everyone who’s reached out, shared or written about the music so far.

Some words people have written:


&ldquo An album that revels in the thrill of discovery” – ★★★★ Record Collector

&ldquo Panoramic third from alt pop Netherlander.. she cuts sonic muzziness with muscularity” – ★★★★ Uncut

&ldquo An album that rarely holds still long enough to be categorized… beautiful and immensely moving” – ★★★★ Allmusic

&ldquo A wonderfully immersive album, pulling you into its lush and at times discordant universe. The album surprises at every turn and never overstays its welcome” – Brooklyn Vegan

&ldquo The expansive new LP from Amber Arcades ranges from claustrophobic dance music to breathtakingly delicate dream pop” – Bandcamp

&ldquo Bloedmooi...Melodisch sterk, intelligent en eigenzinnig als altijd” – OOR

&ldquo De liedjes lijken nu meer ontstaan vanuit een bepaalde sfeer… en dat werkt geweldig” –  ★★★★ de Volkskrant

&ldquo Dit is echt een heel knap gemaakte plaat” – Leo Blokhuis

“Barefoot on Diamond Road is een album om na het laatste nummer direct weer opnieuw te beluisteren” – MusicMaker


No scheduled shows at the moment, sorry! That could change soon though so keep an eye on this page.



Barefoot on Diamond Road

CD / LP / Digital - Fire Records - 2023

European Heartbreak

CD / LP / Digital - Heavenly Recordings - 2018


CD / LP / Digital - Heavenly Recordings - 2017

Fading Lines

CD / LP / Digital - Heavenly Recordings - 2016

Amber Arcades

Amber Arcades is the moniker of Dutch musician Annelotte de Graaf. Having written and recorded songs in a solo setting for some time, she flew out to New York in 2015 and teamed up with producer Ben Greenberg to record her debut album ‘Fading Lines.’ The ‘Cannonball’ EP followed in 2017. In 2018 she released her second album ‘European Heatbreak.'




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