21 Nov 2018


Enjoy this (4th) AWKWARD i video for "A Boat Beneath A Sunny Sky"

" Last Day Deaf" (who premiered the video) said it best:

" The combination between the latest track by Dutch songwriter AWKWARD i, ‘A Boat Beneath a Sunny Sky‘ and the video is simply unparalleled. In case you haven’t understood, Last Day Deaf is more than excited to exclusively stream for you this stunningly beautiful audiovisual experience. Time to leave everything aside for the next 215 seconds, and let the intoxicating melodies take you far away.

Welcome to Wonderland…."

(Also see: http://lastdaydeaf.com/exclusive-video-stream-awkward-i-a-boat-beneath-a-sunny-sky/)

In addition, here's some inspired words by the makers of the video:

&ldquo A simple act to evoke the depth of this song. That’s what we ve been searching for. Waiting for that meaningful moment behind my camera until everything transcended that feeling. Slightly before the scene became pitch dark and the camera started to gather noise we started recording. The boat, the sea, the human. For a moment everything melted together as if the present, future and history all sank together.”

A film by THE GAFPA ; Jeroen van der Poel & Lars Kroon