27 Nov 2020

Adult Christmas is here!

Have you lost those magical Christmas feelings you once had? Are things just a little bit less special than they used to be? Of course, they are! 
This song is for you, Adult Christmas is here.

*de Volkskrant track of the week*
*Premiered by 3VOOR12 here + interview about the song*
The song is available everywhere + today is Bandcamp Friday!

Co-produced with Stef Koenis (who also did the wondrous orchestral arrangement)

Special thanks:
Robin Kester & Vic Willems for backing vocals and listening patiently to all our different mixes we burned through in the process
Wessel Oltheten for mixing and mastering (and staying sane when we arrived with a million audio tracks for just this song)
Mark Benis for helping out with arrangements and production
Jari Deelstra for playing amazing drums
AT EASE for being a great label and doing this release