03 Oct 2018


I've been working with Matthijs from The Influences (Onder Invloed) with pleasure for years now, and recently we did this new session. I play some Elliott Smith, AWKWARD i,  Lucinda Williams and a rare Judee Sill song:

"I first heard Judee Sill’s music through Bill Callahan, who did her For a Rainbow on a Sill-tribute album. After that I found (and bought) her two (finished) records and have been smitten with them up to this day. What I particularly love about her compositions is that they combine the apparent simplicity of a folksong with the structural complexity and elegance of the music of, say, Bach."

"Emerald River Dance was a song for a record that she sadly never finished. I heard the demo online somewhere and was attracted immediately by its rare and rough beauty. I just had to know how it worked so that I might learn the song’s secrets from playing it. There’s a harmonic transition of mesmerizing alien beauty between verse and chorus that, although it sounds at some level intuitively natural, I really don’t understand at all. I’d say the song holds genuinely new beauty, and that’s the best thing I can hope to find in music, and so seldom found." 

Find the full session here: