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Matteo Myderwyk @ TivoliVredenburg 23 Nov. 2017

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Matteo Myderwyk - To Move (Official Music Video)

26 May 2017

To Move (2017)
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To Move

CD / Digital - Excelsior Recordings - 2017

Matteo Myderwyk

To Move

Young Dutch pianist prodigy Matteo Myderwyk drops debut album ‘To Move' The young Dutch pianist prodigy Matteo Myderwyk announces his arrival on the international stage with his stunning debut album, To Move. The entire record was completely improvised across the space of two days at Eindhoven’s Muziekgebouw, with nothing more than some rough ideas as a jumping off point. The result is a stirring, magical listen.
A relative latecomer to the piano, Myderwyk only began playing at the age of 14, before studying at conservatorium at the age of 16. Perhaps it’s this late blossoming that’s to thank for his innovative approach of complete improvisation. Not cut from quite the same cloth as relentlessly schooled artists, his ambition is to bring his music to an as wide as audience possible and not simply the usual concert hall circuit.

While he feels much more at home on the stage than he does in the studio, you wouldn’t know it listening to his compelling, accomplished debut. Nor is any indication given that the sounds you hear are being manifested fresh and untempered by practice or pre-meditated arrangement. The title track sets the tone, all delicate, wistful melody that flits between the sorrowful and the optimistic. Circles is beautifully uncluttered, eeking out emotion with as little effort as possible. You grows from sombre depths to a dizzying crescendo and back down again in beautiful contrast.

Incessant chords whip up a thick chorus of modulating sound on Leaving Time with the delicate Mirrors sandwiched in between it and the similarly relentless waves of War - Where - We. Next is And, all dramatic low registers and hypnotic arpeggios, while Fading invokes the spirit of the most emotive classical greats with its muted twinkling and romantic mood. Tuzla indulges Myderwyk’s ‘minimal’ tag further, stripping back composition to the bare essence needed to make the listener feel something. Day By Night drops the tempo further, creating a mysterious and tense atmosphere, leaving Me to round off a thoroughly satisfying and involving record with muted chords and beautiful, sorrowful melodies.

With such a strong, sophisticated debut record, Myderwyk has made his talent and ambitions clear and that if this is the sound of him just getting started, the world should pay very close attention indeed to his ascending star.



Mojo: Bas Jansen

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Excelsior Recordings: Adriaan Pels